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The first excerpt from our opera Silk Threads (I need to burn bridges just to keep warm) by Clíona Cassidy and Raymond MacDonald. Listen to "We have never been modern" on BBC Radio 3 Freeness

My new improvised song cycle "Hiatus" with the New String Collective!


"A mixture of folk-inspired songs and operatic improvised brittle, so fine... it's a beautiful album." BBC Radio 3 (Rain Shadow)

PICTURES by Cliona Cassidy and Catriona McKay

Voice - Cliona Cassidy

Harp - Catriona McKay

Bass - Neil Harland

Video - Seán Breathnach

Engineered by Seamus Egan and Seán Breathnach

Mixed by Jim McEwan

Mastered by Sylvain Barou

George Burt and Clíona Cassidy

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“Cassidy uses her voice in such an extraordinary manner it should be classed as a musical instrument, rather than a deliverer of lyrics. Burt is a superb improvising guitarist constantly changing mood and accent, and this, coupled with Cassidy’s remarkable operatic voice, produced both auditory fireworks and fascinating tranquil passages. A brilliant combination…” (bebop spoken here)


“This beautiful record ranges from gossamer singing and angular guitar strings to a jagged squawk caught by velvet acoustic. All points between strays into folk, organic free passages, jungle plants and insects, the spirit of Vashti Bunyan in the 60s, Harry Partch and his 43 tone octave and the incredible instant composition of Cliona Cassidy and George Burt. All this from her voice and his guitar. “ (Gordon MacLean)

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